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Largest places in Tuvalu

The largest cities and places in Tuvalu at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Tuvalu.

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Largest places in Tuvalu
Funafuti Funafuti1.Funafuti Funafuti4,492
Savave Village Savave Village2.Nukufetau Nukufetau586
Motufoua School Motufoua School3.Vaitupu Vaitupu506
Teava Village Teava Village4.Niutao Niutao439
Tanrake Village Tanrake Village5.Nui Nui408
Tumaseu Village Tumaseu Village6.Vaitupu Vaitupu287
Tokelau Village Tokelau Village7.Nanumanga Nanumanga281
Toga Village Toga Village8.Nanumanga Nanumanga258
Asau Village Asau Village9.Vaitupu Vaitupu250
Kulia Village Kulia Village10.Niutao Niutao224
Lolua Village Lolua Village11.Nanumea Nanumea215
Pepesala Village Pepesala Village12.Nukulaelae Nukulaelae205
Nukualofa Village Nukualofa Village13.Nukulaelae Nukulaelae188
Hauma Village Hauma Village14.Nanumea Nanumea181
Meang Village Meang Village15.Nui Nui127

1 - 15 of 15 places

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